Here you can find a selection of  violins for the musician and collector. If you have a violin in mind please contact us as we have a network of dealers who may be able to help you in sourcing that special violin that you're looking for.

4/4 Violin by Aristide Cavalli  Cremona Italy 1923   £6000

A very attractive violin from the school of Aristide Cavalli Cremona 1923. As you'd expect a violin of Italian School to be of the highest standards in workmanship.  Aristide Cavalli,  head of the "Officinal Claudio Monteverde" in Cremona Italy. 

4/4 Violin by Henry J Foucher Paris circa 1890  £3000

Violin labelled Henry J Fouher Paris circa 1890


This fine violin has  been set-up with quality ebony fittings, a professionally cut bridge and Pirastro Violino  strings.This handmade Violin being  in first class condition with a rich oil handmade varnish

Well loved violin made in Paris France by J.B Collin Mezin 1922 no23      £5500
Collin Mezin Violin .jpeg

This sought after and well loved instrument  from the workshops of the distinguished French maker CH J.B. Collin Mezin. Signed Collin Mezin on the inside back plate  in pencil and of course labeled.

Do you have problems finding a smaller necked violin to fit your playing needs ? This violin would suit a professional player with a smaller hand looking for a violin that fits perfectly into their hand rather than struggle with the standard necks. 

Richard Alexander 179101.jpeg
 Interesting 4/4 Violin made by Scottish maker Richard Alexander Kilmarnock in 1844    £5000

A robust and  lovely violin made in Kilmarnock by Richard Alexander in 1844.  Untouched original  neck and fingerboard. Inked purfling and the neck set by a single screw ascending from the inside top block into the neck root, typical of the period.

​This violin reminds us of other makers of the time, and the profession was  continued with  his son Alexander Alexander making  later. Professionally setup with Obligato strings and ready to be played, The violin plays well and would  favour any setting.

Length of back 357mm  Stop length 194mm

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