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This violin made by Alexander Smillie and his son Andrew Smillie in 1902 is a testament to their skill and craftsmanship. The violin is labeled with their address at 171 St George's Road in Glasgow and is numbered 150, suggesting that it may have been one of the first instruments made at their new premises.
The violin features a one-piece back with wide flaming, a characteristic orange-red oil varnish, and a matching scroll and ribs. The two-piece spruce front is evenly grained, contributing to the instrument's powerful sound and responsiveness across all strings. The internal construction is also well-executed, with willow linings extending over the corner blocks.
This violin exemplifies the Smillies' ability to create instruments in the Italian style. Their work is highly regarded for its quality and sound, and this violin is a testament to their talent and expertise.



Labeled A Smillie & Son

171 St Georges Road



No150  made 1902



Back Length       354mm

Top Bout              166mm

C Bout                   111mm

Bottom Bout       207mm

A Smillie & Son 1902 Full Size Violin

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