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This violin has a rich history, having been made by the renowned Wolff brothers, also known as Gebruder Wolff, in Germany. The brothers, Leopoldo and Ferdinand Wolff, established their premises in Kreuznach (Rhenish Prussia) in 1864. After their retirement in 1912, the business was taken over by Leopold's son, Julius. Tragically, Julius lost his life in the war. However, the traditions of the firm were carried on by Fritz Mansbacher in 1912, who introduced a splendid class of violins, violas. Each instrument underwent special total improvements, which were believed to be their secret. The Wolff Brothers also had a branch in London from around 1885, and their instruments gained enormous popularity throughout the UK.


The Violin


Now, let's talk about your violin. It is not an ordinary factory-made Modelled on The Amati violin. Despite its age, it is in stunning condition and shows signs of being well-used when it was first found. The violin is labeled as being made abroad in 1904, with a classification of Class 15 and the serial number 3662. It is a testament to the craftsmanship of the Wolff brothers and their dedication to producing high-quality instruments.


The violin is in excellent condition for its age and has been well-maintained. It was made in 1904 by the Wolff Brothers, a renowned violin-making firm in Germany. The violin has a highly flamed two-piece back made from the finest maple, with matching ribs and scroll. It has a lovely golden oil varnish that complements the wood beautifully. The spruce two-piece front has been carefully chosen for its tight grain lines.


The violin has been restored to its former glory and is suitable for both orchestra players and soloists. It has been set up by our workshop to the highest standards, ensuring optimal playability and sound quality.



The dimensions of the violin are as follows:

- Back length: 358mm

- Upper bout: 172mm

- C bouts: 118mm

- Bottom bout: 210mm

1904 Wolff Violin

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