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Lovely Cello 1880 -1900  

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A very attractive Cello of the  late 20th century  from the  German School in beautiful condition and has been lovingly restored in the past by Hills of London. Sporting a very nice oil varnish in a golden amber brown.  There is a Stock number M695 on the end of the fingerboard which could indicate that it was sold through the Hill's Shop in London after 1900s. But other outlets did the same.

The Cello has undergone a neck graft in the past of the very highest standard and I would assume again that Hill's did this as their choice in the finest wood is evident.

Condition of the Cello is good but in the past there has been a need to repair ribs cracks which are  common in cellos of this age. The repaired cracks are stable and have no  effect on the sound. There are NO sound post cracks to the front nor to the back plates and are in as perfect a condition as when it was made.

Looking at the photographs of the cello you can see that the best tonewoods were used, a highly flamed back and matching ribs, is complemented by a medium grain front of golden colour.

The Cello has been upgraded with the finest Swiss ebony Perfection pegs making tuning this cello effortless and with the need of no fine adjusters to the ebony tailpiece you can only appreciate  this if you have suffered in the past with slipping cello pegs.

The tone of this stunning cello is rich and warm to play, filling any area with a depth of colour that only a well made cello could give. This Cello would suit any  aspiring student and  professional cellist alike, in meeting the demand of any player. This cello would also suit any player who is looking for a quality instrument without an over inflated price that would normally inhibit most players.

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Back length 762mm

Top Bout 345mm

C bout 241mm

Bottom Bout 445mm

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