Newly arrived violin bows for the Student to the Professional player

A newly arrived W E Hills & Sons violin bow


W E Hills & Sons of London are one of the worlds most famous makers of  quality bows, they are one of the most sought after makers. The values for the bows are rising year on year and prove to be a good investment to the collector, but more value to the player in sound, that is realised from the Hills bows.

This W E Hills & Sons bow is stamped with the letter "X" signifying that the bow was started by Arthur Brown, but finished by William Retford   and stamped "X" on both the frog and stick. The outside face of the stick is stamped W E Hill & Sons.

The bow will be newly re-haired using the best quality hair.

I am more than happy to give a certificate stating that anything I sell is  genuine and is free of any defects.

Hills Bow oct201802
Hills Bow oct201801
Hills Bow oct201803
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