Aristide Cavalli  Cremona Italy 1923  £6000

The Varnish is incredible with very little wear and with the varnish lasting years and years deep and dark red which lifts the flaming on the violin and shows it at its best. The violin is made from the best Italian tone woods and this violin is not a student grade violin by any means. A one piece front with tight close grain structure on a light brown ground,  the back plate is complemented by one piece maple of the same depth of colour.


The tone of  this modern Italian violin is great, it  doesn't hold back in giving what you're looking for in power and in sweetness. This violin outplays some bigger named violins as far as sound goes.


The flaming on the scroll and rib structure is of the same Italian maple and again the brown and golden  red tones shining through.  This Cavalli is far better than I have seen on the internet and in violin shops and  it is in very nice condition. 

Signed A Cavalli

Item number 78571 

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